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I'm a transplant from Joplin, MO, but I grew up a Navy brat, so my desire to see and experience and learn is fairly insatiable. Until I can travel full-time, writing is the best way for me to quench that undying thirst. I currently "write" for various kinds of creators and businesses who work with creators including work such as social media management, developing rich content like blogs and more artistic posts, interviewing artists and writers, etc. I also edit scifi/fantasy books, comics, and tabletop game manuals. For my own writing endeavors, I am developing a children's pre-RPG tabletop game that can be used in educational settings or just to get them ready for the "real thing." I'm also working on a misfit superhero world featuring a group of mismatched women. Not sure in which medium that will eventually lie.

My extra-literary interests include camping in the woods, visual and performing arts, education, social justice, and tabletop board gaming. I am married (to a brilliant writer) and have two teenage children.

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Tara Clark

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