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Debra was whooshed away from her home in Colorado to the NW Arkansas area in early 2019. After 35 years in Boulder/Ft Collins, she is still bedazzled by the lush green surroundings in her forest home in the Ozarks. Home is here now.

A serial creative, she is a fiber artist, musician and author. Writing is a natural outpouring of her reading addiction, which began at age 3. Born just outside Lafayette, LA, she's from an impossibly huge Cajun family and has stood in line for the bathroom down the hall with every single personality type in the MBTI. She has very thick skin and eats fast.

Her writing career began in the 1980's as a freelancer and a stringer for a local weekly newspaper in Broomfield CO. The first national publication, though, was for a crochet design pickedup by Leisure Arts Magazine. It's often hard to tell what brings more pleasure, thread or keyboard.

In either case, her 20+ years as a credentialed life coach ensures that she will be an enthusiastic supporter of needed change and a magnifying glass to help creatives spot their Dreamkillers. If you've read "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield, you know resistance is a Dreamkiller.

Currently, she writes transformational non-fiction, but poetry does sneak in around the edges. She publishes a bi-weekly blog, and was picked up internatioally by Mike Dooley of Infinite Possibilities. There are at least 3 books in progress. Her latest book is "Soul-feeding Studio Time NOW!" designed to help closet creatives return to their original love.

Debra believes that when you release your soul's expression, you quiet the head chatter, work from your heart and feed your soul. Our creativity is our contribution to humanity.

Debra DeVilbiss

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